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Vietnamese version of Chinese song (黄昏)


Added on Oct 3, 2013

Length: 04:16 | Comments: 0

Original Singer: Steve Chou Chuan-huing (traditional Chinese: 周傳雄; pinyin: Zhōu Chuánxióng) is a Taiwanese composer and singer. He started singing and composing in 1989 and has written a variety of well known Chinese songs sung by famous singers and himself. In 2000, his album, Transfer contained the hit song Huanghun (traditional Chinese: 黃昏), and was Zhou Chuan Xiong's breakthrough. In 2003, he released another album, Dubbing, which consists of many famous songs he had written before and some new songs. This album is his best so far, in terms of sales and chart numbers. The 2004 album Mixing was less warmly received. His next album, Xing Kong Xia De Xiao Shuo (Under The Star), came in 2005. His latest 2006 album is already in stores.

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